Care rendered with compassion

Achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort through our brand of supportive care.

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a form of supportive care for the terminally ill after all curative measures have been taken. End-of-life process can be extremely difficult, and our brand of supportive care aims to provide ease and comfort to our patients and their loved ones alike.

Compassionate Care Hospice, along with our expertly trained staff, aims to fulfill the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our clients. We offer support, while allowing them as much autonomy as possible.

Our commitment is to help see our clients through this harrowing time, and treat them with utmost dignity and respect.

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What is Home Health?

Home Health is a type of comfort care advised by a doctor. These are commonly for patients who are confined to their homes, but need skilled care on either a part-time or intermittent basis.

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Quality of Care provided vs. the national average of 87.1%


Level of Care provided vs. the national average of 74.8%


Family members of patients who are satisfied with our services

National Accreditation for Quality by the Joint Commission.


Leslie C

Joey and his team of nurses, social workers, and care professionals helped my family through an extraordinary difficult time when my mother needed end of life hospice care. They helped us navigate her health insurance, social workers helped get us resources and answers to our questions, and the nursing team was so extraordinary. Everyone was caring and respectful throughout the entire process. Joey also made himself available whenever we had questions. Thank you to the entire team.

– Leslie C

Christie C.

Joey and the nurses at Compassionate Care live up to the word Compassion. They explained the process really well and answered all our questions. they made me feel that it was ok to ask questions and answered them even if my questions even to me sounded stupid.

In times of difficulty – this is what you need, nurses who are helpful and kind and who do not make you feel like they are just doing their jobs. Nurses who show they actually care.

– Christie C.

Emily H.

have been working in the medical field for over 20 years. I have worked for the acute care and the home care setting as a registered nurse. As an employee for Compassionate Care Hospice I have witnessed first hand the dedication of this agency’s management to the delivery of high quality hospice care. Service is always patient centered. I would never hesitate recommending this agency to anyone, including friends and loved one’s who are in need of palliative or hospice care. Thank you Compassionate Care Staff and Administration for all that you do.

– Emily H.

Marsha S.

Hospice care is never an easy process but when we had the need arise on Thanksgiving Day, we were fortunate to have the expert assistance of Ed Hidalgo. He was amazingly patient and professional in handing the care, placement and paperwork in getting care for our loved one. We were extremely appreciative of his input and compassion.

– Marsha S.